2020 ETF Field Guide


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2020 ETF Field Guide is Now Available

The most comprehensive ETF resource for new and seasoned investors

The 2020 ETF Field Guide is a comprehensive e-book developed by Flexible Plan’s internal research team to help explain how ETFs work—and how to select the best ETFs for your needs.

Whether you need help getting started investing in ETFs or have years’ of experience, 
the ETF Field Guide can help you make better, more informed decisions about ETFs.

Buy your 2020 ETF Field Guide for just $29.

100% satisfaction guarantee. If the 2020 ETF Field Guide doesn’t prove to be the most comprehensive ETF reference you’ve ever used, return it within 14 days of purchase, for a full refund.

Don't buy another ETF until you own the 2020 ETF Field Guide by Flexible Plan Investments

You’re not going to find all of this valuable ETF information anywhere else, at any price.

The 2020 ETF Field Guide is the only resource that provides all the information you need to make smart ETF investing choices right away, including:

  • Which ETFs use active management, smart-beta indexes, hedging, leverage, or a fund-of funds structure.
  • ETFs that have earned our coveted “blue star” rating to help you focus on the very best ETFs.
  • How our “blue star” ETFs were selected, so you can apply the same process for your investment needs.

Special Features Include:

3 liquidity metrics (with unique shading)

11 major ETF groups

151 ETF categories

4 total return metrics

Comprehensive ticker list and category cross-reference

Yields, expense ratios, launch dates, and more

Website links to 110 ETF sponsors and brands

4 risk measurements

Instantly download the 2020 ETF Field Guide on any device after purchase.

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